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Your perfect beach home is no longer just a dream – BeachEdge

The real estate industry is booming, much of it driven by people buying and renovating homes.

In 2020, vacation homes sales grew by 16 percent and the trend continued in 2021 with sales up another 33 percent to April. But not enough homes are being built and a supply crisis is looming. Cheap, shoddy renovations are being offered to desperate buyers wanting to build. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

BeachEdge is a construction tech start-up that can identify ideal vacant lots, primarily in coastal regions close to major cities, and develop affordable, hassle-free vacation homes equipped with the latest amenities.

Their aim is to provide modern-day professionals with an Instagram-worthy beach home with a great view.

BeachEdge makes this possible by using an in-house analytics platform to collect details on buildable lots from multiple sources. Their custom AI platform identifies attractive development opportunities in real time and their extensive building experience simplifies the construction process.

BeachEdge guides you through the complex and time-consuming process of finding a gorgeous site, customizing your designs, getting your plans approved, and building to your specifications. All within your budget. They can even help you find a rental management solution to generate passive income from your beach home when you are not using it.

And all this can be accomplished on the vertically integrated BeachEdge platform.

Can you hear waves yet?

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