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You can’t speak to your mother like that, so let Piper Lou say it for you

Moms just wanna have fu-un and Piper Lou’s hilarious gifts for moms bring both the laughs and the love.


Piper Lou’s range of clothing, tumblers, wine cups and coffee mugs – laser-etched with clever mom-themed sayings- make fabulous gifts this holiday season and beyond. 


Let the queen of the household flaunt her reign in a snug hoodie that proclaims:“Thou shalt not try me. Mom 24:7” while sipping her coffee from a “Don’t make me use the mom voice” mug. Moms are too awesome to drink out of boring coffee mugs without sayings on them. Piper Lou fixes that. 


She can relax with a well-earned Chardonnay from her “Mom hard, wife hard, wine harder”

tumbler while wearing her “I gave up a lot when I became a mom. Dropping the F bomb wasn’t one of them” tee shirt. Finding gifts for moms used to be difficult. It would require hours of shopping around the same department stores, finding boring items left and right. Now you can do it from your laptop or phone. They got you covered. 


Let her know you appreciate her genetic blessing and all those years of grooming with “Mom, no matter what life throws at you, at least you don’t have ugly children” or concede the moral high-ground with “Mom, you were right about everything.” (And let’s face it, this is what she really wants.)


Piper Lou nails it for whimsical mom humour. Their extensive collection of snide remarks and witty messaging make brilliant gifts that let mom know you love her, but with a witty twist. And if you want to create your own personal message of love or fun to the most important lady in your life, Piper Lou will laser-etch that for you too. 


Visit and look for a unique gift that lets her know all those years of mothering were (almost) worth it.

Piper Lou