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Xplode Consulting, and Founder Renee Carmody, Achieves Extraordinary Growth for SMEs

Renee Carmody is the CEO of Xplode Consulting, advising businesses like Vineonline and Bayleys Group on commercial strategy and sales training. Before that, Renee spent almost 10 years leading growth and digital at some of the world’s largest retailers including Coles, Myer and Kmart.

Most interestingly, Renee’s journey is all the more impressive when you understand where she came from: raised in a small town of 40,000 people in New Zealand, Renee came to Melbourne as an immigrant to Australia in 2006. Her story of clawing her way into the inner circles of Aussie retail superstardom and how Renee started her own business is both ambitious and inspiring.

In 2012, Coles headhunted Renee to build a digital supplier strategy. Renee increased Cole’s net gross profit from $200k to $19 million in three years changing Australia’s FMCG landscape forever. And, the results caught the attention of senior management who consistently ranked Renee in the top 5% of employees.

When the pandemic hit Renee was part of the leadership team at Kmart leading the team responsible for taking the online store from $140 million to $290 million.

Xplode Consulting now assists SMEs to turbocharge revenue and profit without investing tens of thousands of dollars in advertising.

Xplode Consulting was born from the realisation that the founder’s experience could be put to work helping companies double profit by breaking down the sales funnel, understanding what is broken, and deploying appropriate strategies to fix it.

Today, Xplode Consulting has a team of amazing award-winning consultants and advisors that help clients through the challenges of building profitable businesses. The company is about to launch a new learning portal giving low-cost access to business owners across the globe with all of our systems, templates and training – Xplode wants to reach 1M business owners and help transform businesses and help business owners get more revenue, more profit and more freedom.

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