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World’s Leading Global Outsourcing Company Helps SME’s Increase Profit

The world is full of smart and effective people, but not enough businesses look offshore to grow their business and profit margins. Outsourcing certain functions of your operations from telesales to customer service, social media to web development, saves operational cost and increases productivity delivering profit directly to your bottom line.

From entrepreneurs to ASX listed companies, Bruntwork are helping scale & deliver quality labour solutions on time and well below the equivalent cost of hiring locally. Angus Harris, Co-CEO of Harris Farm Markets, one of Australia’s largest grocery retailers, engaged Bruntwork in March 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic to assist with a massive spike in Online Sales, as people in lock-down started ordering groceries online. Mr Harris noted that, “we achieved a substantial cost saving on our per agent support costs & quadrupled our output in less than a week.”

Bruntwork has proven to be experts at building cost-effective, efficient and scalable operational teams for businesses wanting to grow fast and effectively. Statistics show that Bruntwork’s client’s, on average, enjoy cost savings of up to 80% compared to hiring locally. Forget paying $80k – $100k a year for talent, Bruntwork’s talented staff cost $20k a year on average, depending on the role. Additionally, BruntWork is able to achieve 24 hours a day coverage for global companies.

If you’re looking to save operational cost, increase productivity and scale up your company fast, Bruntwork has the proven ability to help your business succeed in a competitive global marketplace, get a quote here;

About Bruntwork
Since 2010 Bruntwork have recruited and trained thousands of global staff to work on behalf of their clients deploying specialist teams across a wide variety of operational functions including; Telesales for both inbound and outbound campaigns, Multi-Channel Customer Support, Data and Analytics, Digital Marketing, Digital Content Production, and Web & App Design.

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