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Winning during the pandemic: Eat Right Atlanta’s Incredible Growth in FY21

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the American economy, with the restaurant industry particularly hard-hit.

Restaurants struggled when indoor dining was shuttered in mid-March 2020, while take-outs and delivery services skyrocketed as people sheltered-in-place and sought alternatives to cooking at home. The pandemic also reminded people of the importance of a healthy diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Good businesses apply the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis and look for opportunities where there are threats. Fresh produce delivery is expected to grow through 2024, propelled in part by e-commerce trends accelerated by the pandemic.

Eat Right Atlanta, one of the pioneers of fresh produce services in the city, saw the market demand and converted its business model into a fresh produce delivery service. And business boomed!

At the time of writing, Eat Right Atlanta has grown to serve more than 400 businesses and families each week and boasts a Five-Star rating on Yelp. A single box of their fresh produce feeds a family of four for a whole week and they deliver to any area within 60 miles of Atlanta.

Founders Donsha Johnson and Nicole Folkes-Johnson launched Eat Right Atlanta in 2011. Their business model of ensuring Atlantans always have a cupboard full of fresh fruit and vegetables saw them ranked the #1 fresh produce delivery service in the USA by review website Review Rumble.

Eat Right Atlanta partnered with United Health Group’s COVID Prevention program in 2020 and 2021, handing out bags of fresh fruits and vegetables to people getting COVID tests vaccines. They have also launched their first internship program, giving several 14-16-year-olds the opportunity to learn the produce business.

Eat Right Atlanta has also partnered with a local chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority in Atlanta to give fresh fruits and vegetables to children at schools in East Point. And they have joined forces with local cancer support group My Style Matters and developed the Food2Fight program, providing clean, pesticide-free produce free of charge to women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Supporting charities and local growers, delivering far and wide, and fostering healthier diets – it’s little wonder Eat Right Atlanta has thrived during the pandemic.