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Wildlife X Team a name you can trust

In the nuisance wildlife market, Wildlife X Team is quickly establishing itself at the top of the food chain. Its Texas-based operation now covers the majority of the state’s population and it is rapidly expanding beyond the state borders.

Wildlife X Team has a well-deserved reputation in the wildlife and pest control field, thanks to its focus on consumers and franchisees, many of whom have been with them from the start.

Founded by Don and Tammi Hudson, the Wildlife X Team concept advocates for humane animal removal and environmentally responsible techniques.

“We believe that helping people and developing our Wildlife X Team family both personally and spiritually are the cornerstones of our success,” says Don Hudson, the CEO of the multimillion-dollar company.

“We are committed to providing quality work and doing our very best each and every day when we perform our wildlife removal services.”

To keep up with its incredible growth pace, the company has hired more people to help it service more clients and maintain its excellent customer experience.

Wildlife X Team’s numerous testimonials bear witness to the quality of their work. “Highly recommend this company! They were very professional and responded quickly to our inquiry,” says Chris, one of their many customers. “The job was scheduled right away and they completed the work fast”.

Solving the problem When a wild animal gets into your home or business, it can be very stressful. These pests potentially carry a host of diseases and can quickly create a big mess. Wildlife X Team understands their customers’ need for responsive services and the licensed specialists act swiftly to solve problems.

Don and Tammi are renowned as innovative, ethical and hard-working. The duo has not only built Texas’ #1 wildlife control company but has also created a socially responsible company their staff is proud to work for.

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