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Why Broker’s LLC continues to grow each financial year

Why Broker’s LLC continues to grow each financial year The past financial year has seen some extraordinary growth for Broker’s LLC, with the Florida-based real estate agency posting some very impressive figures.

There are now almost 500 agents affiliated with Broker’s LLC in Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach counties. Led by founder and CEO Claudia Serna, with offices based across three different locations, Broker’s LLC has taken advantage of their unchallenged knowledge of the industry to “keep growing safely and steadily”.

Nearly a quarter of a million people moved to Florida during this period, which helped boost the local housing market after last year’s lockdowns and related challenges. More and more Bostonians and New Yorkers are adding Florida homes to their real estate portfolios, and Broker’s LLC has been perfectly set up to take advantage of these growth opportunities.

The Next Big Thing

Claudia and her team attribute their success to innovation – they’re always looking for newer and better ways to operate within the property market. That means providing the tools and knowledge to support continuous career development: “Our priority is providing the best-continued education to our agents and giving them the opportunity to always learn more.”

This financial year that commitment to education and development has meant the growth of the Broker’s Learning Center, free resources on their website, and the design of an in-house app that helps real estate agents with different tools for their education, one-one bookings, operations, and marketing in one place.

Building Community

“Our culture sets us apart,” says Claudia. “We are more than a team. We are a family within a company that was built with the mission to help real estate agents succeed in this industry.”

Community is the foundation to success, and that commitment to building a positive workplace culture has definitely helped steer Broker’s LLC into some extraordinary growth this financial year. And given their commitment to innovation, these trends seem set to continue.

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