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Webzee’s World – a unique NFT digital art collection

Webzee’s World is a collection of 3450 unique digital art NFTs. These NFTs will be available for sale on the artist Webzee’s website on the 7th of December at 6 pm EST.

These visual artworks feature Webzee’s unique style, which while being highly distinctive, also draws inspiration from neo-expressionism, cubism, and street art, amongst many other artistic movements.

Webzee is a digital artist venturing into the world of NFT art. Just like Banksy, Webzee’s exact identity is unknown. On top of the digital NFT artworks, buyers may later on have the chance to order physical versions of their Webzee artworks.

Each and every Webzee artwork is a one-of-one layered masterpiece, made up of a series of superimposed and juxtapositioned attributes. They include 34 Backgrounds, 65 Character Faces, 32 Marks, and 32 Epigrams. Each piece also features a distinct and stylised Webzee signature in the lower right corner of the digital canvas.

Webzee’s NFT digital artworks are also avant-gardistes and capture the zeitgeist of our age, featuring several NFT and Crypto culture tropes, but also abound with references to the past and to recurring themes of art history.

Every attribute has its own special, playful, and at times thought-provoking name, such as “Vaporized Space Time”, “Physical or Digital Mundo”, or even “Road to Metaverse City”. Some attributes are rarer than others, conferring greater scarcity to specific Webzee NFT artwork pieces.

Viewing a Webzee’s is far from a passive experience, but rather a deliberate two-way interaction between the viewer and the artist. These layered works reveal themselves slowly, as the viewer is encouraged to study each detail more closely to truly experience the piece in its entirety. Webzee’s World NFT artworks are closer in spirit to the realm of fine art, and are far more sophisticated than the usual NFT PFP project.

Webzee’s World NFTs are ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The public minting sale is scheduled for the 7th of December at 6 pm EST time on the Webzee website.

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