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Upwork Alternatives & Why BruntWork Is A Good Option

General freelancer platforms contain every imaginable kind of freelancer that a business could possibly want. The benefit to the business owner is that websites like Upwork are one stop shops for outsourcing talent. You can find a video editor, a blogger, a designer and a developer all on one platform.

However, websites like Upwork often have a plethora of candidates seeking to maximise their earnings by loading up on as many clients as they can get away with.

What is better than Upwork? In many ways, BruntWork is like a turbo charged version of Upwork as it places full time virtual assistants and freelancers so entrepreneurs and companies don’t need to worry about their virtual assistants being over-stretched. BruntWork has deep pools of talent on offer and encompasses a wide range of fields just like Upwork. But BruntWork specialises in full time, qualified and expert level virtual assistants, whereas Upwork focuses on per hour placements that often leave companies and entrepreneurs high and dry when a virtual assistant takes on too much work, or simply ghosts when they get a better offer.

Upwork is also quite pricey for candidates as they take 10-20% of every transaction of the freelancer. BruntWork negotiates salaries with the candidate, and the company offers full time placements rather than per hour placements, so the staff can concentrate on skilling up and learning the ins and outs of the company in which they work.

In this regard BruntWork is a very different, and possibly better option than Upwork.

Steffie Quimque
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