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TwoFoldX Finds A Genius Way To Double Real Estate In Google Search

TwoFoldX has recently found a genius way to double your real estate in Google search. Businesses that want to have more of a presence on the internet, this is definitely something businesses will want to read.

Right now, businesses can utilize TwoFoldX’s services to leverage expert content writers and digital marketing professionals to double real estate across Google search and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This provides more leads for businesses, TwoFoldX calls it a “traffic multiplier” and “zero competition leads”. Clients using TwoFoldX say it’s amazing and that it’s actually pretty easy to get a campaign going that increases sales for no additional cost.

This is no small feat, and TwoFoldX has recently relaunched their company. With the rebranding came the launch of an entirely new website and a media kit that makes it much easier than ever to find an audience.

TwoFoldX has been awarded numerous awards for this method of lead generation. TwoFoldX’s founders come from tech royalty having previously worked at Google and Alibaba with over 20 years of digital marketing experience.

TwoFoldX has a system that helps people rank on the first page of Google search results, no matter what keywords are being searched. TwoFoldX has developed a way to 2x businesses digital advertising performance. TwoFoldX’s impartial, unbiased 3rd party reviews about client’s products or services sit alongside business’ existing advertisements, doubling business’ real estate in Google search above the fold.

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