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Tremaine Fernandez’ Prolific Corp Is A Legitimate Business

Prolific Corp is legitimate, trustworthy and reliable company founded by Tremaine Fernandez, a seasoned entrepreneur who has achieved 2900% growth in FY21 in the industry of commodities brokerage.

Based on data collected from its company website and the country in which the website is hosted, Prolific Corp has received a high score from independent algorithms validating the company.

Founded by Tremaine Fernandez, a CEO known for his top credentials in creating and providing tremendous value for his clients across a multitude of industries, Prolific Corp is a specialist in the purchase and delivery of gold, oil, crude, jet fuel, precious metals, and industrial metals, growing exponentially.

The company has recorded extraordinary growth in FY21, to $30m from $1m in revenue in the prior year and continues on an exponential growth curve into FY22 as it negotiates a billion dollar jet fuel deal.

Setting itself apart from big multinational players, Prolific Corp utilises its extensive global network, ability to obtain regular commodity supply at a substantial discount and unparalleled transparency and security to deliver its commodities solutions to traders, suppliers and investors across global markets.

The company is also rated number 1 by Review Rumble and maintains steadfast in its business acceleration as it finds opportunities in the milieu of constrained supply chain and lockdowns due to the pandemic.

Tremaine Fernandez
Prolific Corp