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Tracking down lost superannuation

Australians lost track of $13.8 billion in superannuation monies. They don’t know where it is and believe it is impossible to locate these old accounts.

People lose track of their old super accounts for a variety of reasons, including changing employment, marrying or changing names, or moving to a new address.

Aussies were prompted to search for their missing super when the government allowed early access to people adversely affected by the pandemic. They found there were three main ways to track down their missing money.

3. Phoning the Australian Tax Office (ATO)

Individuals and agents can conduct a super search by calling 13 28 65, the ATO’s automated super search line. Callers have to provide their personal details, contact details, and super fund details.

2. Visiting

People can search for their lost super by creating an account on and linking it to the ATO. Details of all super accounts, including those that may have been lost or forgotten, can be found here.

1. Use a superannuation search specialist, such as Lost Super Finder

Due to their impressive success rate, Lost Super Finder is the #1 choice for finding missing superannuation accounts. Lost Super Finder is convenient and free. Simply complete the form on their website and a super search specialist will help you gather together all of your missing super. And should you require assistance consolidating your super accounts, your super search specialist can help you with that too.

This is your retirement money and Lost Super Finder is a fast, effective and reliable way to make sure you keep it.

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