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Top Women’s Boutiques & Why Little Extras Lifestyle Lays Claim To The Number 1 Spot

Little Extras Lifestyle has taken it’s Forbes based women’s boutique online with it’s eCommerce platform, enabling it to enhance the shopping experience and accelerate growth across Australia.

The Forbes-based omni-channel retailer is one of Australia’s fastest growing fashion retailers and has amassed year on year growth rates of 847% for new users alone. Most of it’s shoppers are women between the ages of 25-50.

To facilitate it’s herculean growth rates, the business has invested in a bigger team, as well as helping it handle the logistical challenges of selling product all over Australia and New Zealand all while enhancing the customer experience.

For Little Extras, building customer relationships is a vital step to creating a loyal customer base. “Repeat customers transact at more than 3 times the rate of new customers” she said. It’s also important for retailers to not overcommit and avoid putting ‘all your eggs in the one basket’. “The pandemic has taught us to not put all your eggs in the one basket. We were a small company with bricks and mortar in the small town of Forbes. Now our e-commerce business is on a rocketship to the moon. As long as women want dresses, essentials and fashion accessories (and that’s a sure thing), we’ll continue to grow’.

‘And this year we saw the world swap out their party dresses for sweats and comfortable clothing,’ Leigh stated.

As Little Extra’s business scales, one of the main ways of driving efficiencies in the business is to buy in more strategic volumes. The lockdown has given Little Extras the time to expand its online offering. The brand is continuing to expand its product range, markets, technology and its team.

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do,” Bartholomaeus shared. “We have listened and expanded our product categories and range to meet a broader range of our customer needs”.

Leigh Bartholomaeus
Little Extras Lifestyle
(02) 6851 5686