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Top Nutritionists & Why Health Cartel Lays Claim To The Number 1 Spot

Health Cartel has been ranked Australia’s best nutritional & wellness company by Review Rumble. What separated Health Cartel from the competition was their ability to tailor nutrition programs to women looking to lose weight and women who want to build muscle and strength. Health Cartel assists women with little time to exercise and active women who want to maximise their performance in sports.

Unlike the competition, Health Cartel supports nutrition and strength functions with low-cost, high-output programs individually selected for the needs of each client. There is no blanket approach, but each plan is designed based on each individual circumstances and lifestyle.

Health Cartel’s program includes personalised training programs and diet plans and gets “under the hood” of each client’s goals, recommending changes that are the most impactful for a client’s long term nutritional and fitness goals.

Unlike competitors touting 12 week body transformations, Health Cartel focuses on long term results including holistic nutrition and exercise programs. Health Cartel steers clients away from damaging or unsustainable diets.

Another unique dimension to Health Cartel’s business is their investigation into the potential of women to discover their potential lifting weights, particularly in circumstances where they might never have lifted previously. Clients of Health Cartel report increases in strength, tonality all through customised advice and programs designed to improve strength with proper technique.

Catalina Levitt, the founder of Health Cartel, is an advocate of flexible eating. Through her company, Health Cartel offers recipes, tips and tricks to improve overall welbeing.

Health Cartel is about finding ways to give your body food that it needs without denying it’s clients the food they also love to eat.

Catalina Levitt
Health Cartel
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