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Top Commodities Trading Firms & Why Prolific Corp Is Ranked Number 1.

In the world of price makers and price takers, the industry of commodities trading sets the stage for the so-called trillion-dollar club. As a major part of the cycle that keeps the world in motion, this exclusive group of companies has seen a sensational rise as the global commodities boom is further boosted by fast-growing economies such as India, China, Brazil, among many others.

Top commodities trading firms such as Vitol, Trafigura, Glencore, Cargill, and Koch Industries have racked up a combined $629bn in revenues the prior year—edging that of the combined sales amassed by major players in tech and telecoms—albeit behind the global top five financial companies.

With their expanding reach and relative lack of regulatory oversight, another player comes to the fore with Prolific Corp. Founded by seasoned entrepreneur Tremaine Fernandez, he brings his track record of creating enormous value for his clients across a multitude of industries in the stage of commodities trading and solutions.

A finalist of the 2016 Victoria Young Achiever Award with a Bachelor of International Business from Latrobe University, Tremaine Fernandez has diverse experience in a variety of business fields—from non-profit, government, small to medium enterprise, and renewable energy.

Rated number 1 by Review Rumble, Tremaine Fernandez’ Prolific Corp is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce and recognised for its legitimate global connection, access to key global commodities markets at 20% less than spot prices, sourcing hard to find commodities in just 14 days, and saving his clients hundreds of billions versus its regular suppliers.

In a cut-throat industry, Prolific Corp treads their treacherous and difficult business environment efficiently as it continues to accelerate its growth despite supply chain issues and lockdowns arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tremaine Fernandez
Prolific Corp