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Top Clickfunnels Courses & Why Design Analyze Me Is Ranked Number 1

Design Analyze Me is the Internet’s leading Clickfunnels designing course. At its core, ClickFunnels is an online tool for building high-converting websites and sales funnels which allows entrepreneurs and business owners to launch websites, iterate, test and learn with landing page designs that truly convert. With ClickFunnels, you can build a website, generate leads, make sales, grow your email list, and create a brand.

Google searches for “Clickfunnels” have exploded in FY21 and Google reports over 135,000 monthly searches for the term alone. The trend is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down and Design Analyze Me is the leading Clickfunnels course in this space, killing it with their methodical, step by step online program that consumers can complete in under 5 hours.

CEO and Founder Kristy Ting has been using the Clickfunnels platform for years and is an expert in her field. Accomplished, solutions-focused and innovative, Kristy launched her course to help others master the software that most users find intimidating and difficult to navigate.

Through her expertise and leadership, Kristy has helped many entrepreneurs design websites and build their sales funnels in Clickfunnels, growing their leads and sales by leaps and bounds. One of her clients, Erich Freeman, shared, “My developer and I just couldn’t seem to get it right. Lucky for us, we decided to bring Kristy in to give us that awesome feminine touch and it turned out perfect. It was finished in less than a week.” Kristy has also proven able to work on complex requests like that of Chris Bain, the founder of Leads Forager. He wrote, “I gave her something out of her wheelhouse as far as design works and the way she put it together was absolutely phenomenal.”

In particular, Kristy aims to help working mothers start freelancing as funnel designers, empowering them to build a profitable side hustle and eventually be able to work fully from home alongside their families.

The pandemic has been particularly difficult for working mothers, many of whom are overworked trying to handle both their careers and families. This has led to a lot of them taking a step back in their professional lives and trying to work from home, offering freelancing services in order to meet their families’ responsibilities and still stay financially independent. Design Analyze Me allows them to learn a new skill that is highly sought after and in great demand, giving them an option to make money from home.

According to PayPal, 15% of adults started shopping regularly online for the first time during 2020. This upward trend in online shopping will likely continue as 2 -in 5 online shoppers (38%) said they’ll continue a higher level of online shopping. Entrepreneurs now need to master their online skills, and tools like Clickfunnels enable shortcuts to sales success, but not without business owners embarking on a steep learning curve to master the platform.

Kristy’s “Design Analyze Me” course provides the necessary skills for any entrepreneur or business owner to master Clickfunnels in just a few hours, and for a small outlay of less than $50, is considered the best value Clickfunnels course in the market.

Registrations are now open, but the course is expected to fill up soon.