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Top 5 Engagement Planners In NYC & Why Enchanting Engagements Is Number 1

When one thinks of a marriage proposal, the usual scene is of a man, getting down on one knee and asking the question, “will you marry me?” And while that scene hasn’t changed as much, the long-standing ritual of proposing as the first step to getting married has evolved over time.

Nowadays, it is not as simple as popping the question. More and more people have put a premium on how a proposal is made, noting that it is a special moment that they’d want to look back to with fondness years down the road. This is why there are times when there’s a grand parade or an intimate celebration that comes with the engagement.

It is an event that needs as much planning as any other celebration. That is why there is an influx of engagement planners, such as Enchanting Engagements, now to help you with this special moment. Planning on proposing soon? We list down the top 5 engagement planners in New York City:

3 – Proposal007

Proposal007 is a unique photography and proposal planning service based in New York City. In 2015, “secret proposal” photographer Vlad and event planner Tatiana came up with this service that will help clients plan their big day.

They have numerous ready-made proposal packages such as Holiday Specials, Luxurious Proposal Experience, and NYC rooftops. All you have to do is choose. But you can also avail of their custom proposal planning package for $250 that will get you 3 unique proposal ideas. Rooftop Proposal. What’s a better way to escape the busyness of New York and have a private proposal? Rooftops.

That is what Rooftop Proposal offers their clients. They have a list of NYC rooftops you can choose from. The prices range at $1100 to $2600. This guarantees you a great view, privacy, and custom decorations.

2 – The Yes Girls 

Launched in 2008, The Yes Girls have planned over 4000 unique proposal experiences. They even ventured out to plan re-proposals, marriages, and even date nights for you and your partner. This proposal planning service makes sure that each idea is unique to you and your partner. The Heart Bandits.

The Heart Bandits goal is to make you impressive on your big day and give your partner the proposal she deserves. Acquiring their service guarantees you a one-of-a-kind proposal idea and implementation. You can avail of two different packages, one is Personalized Proposal Ideas wherein they will help you develop your proposal event and the other is Proposal Packages which are ready-made memorable experiences that people on a budget can choose.

1 – Winner – Enchanting Engagements

If you want your proposal to be just like a fairytale, Enchanting Engagements will definitely help you with that. Each proposal idea is unique to the client and the client’s partner’s personalities.

Their main goal is to make each proposal day hassle-free because of the seamless event planning that takes place. Enchanting Engagements thinks of everything from arrival to departure and everything in between.

You can avail of their basic package for $950 or an exclusive package for $2650. Whichever you choose, Enchanting Engagements won’t hold back on the wonderful ideas given to you and will make sure your day is complete.

There are a lot of great engagement planners in the city and some of them have been in the industry for years, but Enchanting Engagements definitely ranks first because of their passion for their work and making sure each proposal goes as planned.

The package prices are also reasonable and even the most basic package will provide you with luxurious decor and a great photo and video service. So if you want a proposal to remember, Enchanting Engagements is definitely the service provider for you.

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