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Top 5 Diets And Why SuperFastDiet Is Ranked #1

Exercising regularly is a good way to start on getting fit, but the right diet helps you get your dream body in no time. You can outrun a bad diet, as the saying goes.

Diet is about being disciplined and knowing what to eat. However, prepping your own meals can be time-consuming, especially if you are a busy person. Good thing there are diet programs you can avail that can help you reach your fitness goals.

With the many diet programs available, how do we differentiate one from another? How do we pick the best one for our lifestyle? Here are the top 5 diets in the country and we’ll tell you why SuperFastDiet is #1:

My Muscle Chef. Muscle Chef is fairly new in the industry. They aim to provide delicious and healthy meals for the on-the-go person. One of their specialties is high-protein meals, great for active people. You can order any amount of boxed meals weekly for the price of $10 per meal or $100-135 for set meals.

Lite N’ Easy. Meal plans created by dietitians and cooked by chefs is what you can expect from Lite N’ Easy. One of it’s best-selling features is the fact that you can customize your meal plans and that these plans include dessert! You can avail of 5 or 7 day meal plans for the price of $6-12 per meal or $82-192 for full-on meal plans.

Noom. They will customize your diet plan and make sure you stay on track with your fitness goals through their app. They make sure to ask you the right questions in order to build a meal plan that best fits your goals and lifestyle. They will also let you know how long you will need to be able to reach your fitness goals. It is a very affordable meal plan too. Their prices are $59 for a monthly plan or $199 for an annual plan.

Csiro Total Wellbeing Diet. This diet program is from one of Australia’s national science agencies. Total Wellbeing Diet’s goal is not just to provide you with a program that will make you lose weight fast but to make sure you are able to maintain your desired body. They will provide you with coaching sessions, a dietitian and a cookbook. This program will allow you to eat whatever you want, all you need to do is reach your macros. Once availed, you will need to follow their program for 12 weeks for the price of $199.

Super Fast Diet. The “fast” in this program’s name actually means their program will make you do ” intermittent fasting” in three different ways. Founded by Victoria Black and Gen Davidson from their own personal diet struggles, Super Fast Diet has an effective, 12-week diet program that not only encourages healthier food, but also highlights the importance of exercise habits and positive psychology. Their program only costs $97 for 12 weeks and it will give you easy meal plans and food prep recipes.

Super Fast Diet ranks number 1 because it lets you indulge in your favourite foods without the fear of gaining weight. You get the best deal out of your subscription because you will get multiple coaching videos weekly, a tracker personalized for your program, and a lot of meal plans. It has evolved into a solution for many men and women who desire to improve their quality of life through a fitter and healthier body.