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Top 4 Business Advisors & Why Scale Up Growth Is Ranked #1

Remember that detailed business plan that you wrote up with all your lofty goals for the year?

A skilled business coach can really hold your feet to the fire and ensure that this plan doesn’t just collect dust in your file drawer. There are a number of business coaches in Australia and this analysis looks at the top 4 business coaching companies. It concludes that Scale Up Growth Partners is the top pick for CEOs looking to scale their business rapidly. Growth is the defining trait of companies. The main reason for this incredible scalability is that the fastest growing start-ups utilise exponential, rather than linear growth. Business coaches can help lift growth rates above their organic rates.

The Covid-19 crisis confirmed executive coaching’s effectiveness via videoconferencing and its proficiency at enhancing leaders’ mental health, energy and clarity in challenging times. Consequently, the steep growth of the executive coaching profession is accelerating further.

The continued crisis and its fallout have also significantly evolved the reasons why high-potential leaders decide to hire executive coaches. And Scale Up Growth is at the forefront of this trend, recording compound growth rates over the last financial year.

Executive coaches are sometimes leaders’ only unbiased and ethical partners. They create a safe space for them to be authentic, vulnerable and wildly creative. Coaches dare to challenge leaders with candour and courage, rooted in the utmost care for the well-being and holistic success of those leaders they are privileged to serve.

Importantly, what also happens while and after leaders are coached is that they gradually embed coaching skills into their leadership style. That enables more inspiring and productive interactions with their stakeholders. Over time, this catalyses more collective intelligence around them and, therefore, produces far better business results.

The top 4 business coaching companies reviewed here are TEC, Scaling Up, EOS Worldwide, Scale Up Growth Partners. TEC, Scaling Up and EOS Worldwide are very effective organisations, with great reviews.

We found Scale Up Growth to be unique. It coaches the 10X Business Growth Blueprint which is made up of 6 Pillars – Strategy, Leadership, Team & Culture, Execution, Cash & Profit and 10X CEO Effectiveness.

As founder Jonathan Herps (who was trained and certified as a Scaling Up coach by the inimitable Verne Harnish and his team) comments “we stand on the shoulders of giants” and brings the lessons, frameworks and tools of the great business minds.

Scale Up Growth incorporates the best of EOS, Scaling Up and TEC, and also incorporates the Frameworks, Methods & simple real-world Tools of global Thought Leaders, including Jim Collins, Topgrading (Brad Smart), Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni), Outthink the Competition (Kaihan Krippendorff), other Thought Leaders to 10x the knowledge of your leaders to increase the profitability of your company.

“What stands us apart from other CEO Coaching & Mentoring groups is our growth curriculum”. CEO’s need a path to real development breakthrough and high performance.

Scale Up Growth also offers multiple ways for CEO’s to benefit from their coaching & teaching. From 1:1 CEO coaching, to CEO+Leadership Team coaching and their unique 10X Business Growth Mastermind Program. This unique Mastermind program brings groups of 20 CEO’s into peer groups where they have confidential workshops guided & taught by an experienced Certified Coach (past CEO) matched with one-to-one mentoring/coaching to keep leaders at the forefront of their industry.

So if you are looking for effective growth strategies and the ability to 10x your revenue, Scale Up Growth Partners might be the best fit for you.

Baden Bower
Baden Bower