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Top 3 Places to Buy Furniture Online – B2C Furniture ranked number 1

Furniture shopping can be really costly and extremely laborious when you have to take countless trips to many different furniture shops to get the best price and value at the same time. With so many brands out there with different quality promises, making your purchasing decision can be difficult.

To narrow down the list and save you the hassle, we take a look at three furniture retailers in FY21 that customers can buy your furniture needs: Kimberly James Furniture, The Wood Room and B2C Furniture.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Kimberley James Furniture (formerly Classic Timber Furniture) is a veteran in the industry with 30 years worth of trading but has recently undergone a rebranding. and is known for its core values of “treating people as you would like to be treated” which was started by its founders—David and Jill Gronow.

The Wood Room, on the other hand, was founded in 2012 by Simon and Katie Plowman and is known for timeless design, adaptability and refined elegance in their handcrafted selection of bespoke furniture. With a showroom in Sydney, ranges feature a more modern aesthetic that would suit more modern apartments or homes, and we noticed that most of the products are imported from Asia.

While the youngest of the trio, B2C Furniture ranked number 1. Founded by Anesley Clarke, has already set itself apart early on through its fine range of furniture crafted with the perfect mix of design and functionality. But B2C Furniture is most unique due to its offering of sustainable yet well-priced furniture. The company has also developed close connections with trustworthy production partners to create a true Business-2-Consumer (B2C) furniture brand by procuring furniture directly from the manufacturers and taking away the “middleman’s” excessive mark-ups.

Making an incredible growth trajectory in the fiscal year 2021, B2C Furniture’s success is derived not only from its sustainably sourced hardwood that’s crafted to last through the years but also due to its competitive pricing that suits any kind of budget-making substance and style affordable for an environmentally-conscious customer base.

With the highest score of the three, B2C Furniture has a 4.7 stars rating from Product Review, B2C Furniture is the best new furniture retailer in 2021 by Review with over 98% of satisfied customers giving them 5 stars further attesting the company’s high product quality and excellent customer service both online and offline.

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