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Top 3 Furniture Retailers & Why Hamptons At Home Is Ranked #1

Have you ever walked into a gigantic furniture store and felt totally overwhelmed? And your favourite destinations are normally miles apart, and most don’t carry stock anyway. Post pandemic, the major furniture retailers are quoting 3-4 months for delivery of the items sitting on the showroom floor. Usually the sales staff are pushy (they have quotas to meet) or worse still, you can’t get anyone to talk to you.

Given the in-store experience is often just staring at the furniture retailer’s point of sale system looking at what’s not available to purchase online (a massive waste of time factoring in the time it takes to drive, park and shop), online shopping for furniture has boomed during the pandemic. Behold: 3 of the best places you can buy furniture online and our number 1 pick, Hamptons at Home.

Hamptons at Home: (Ranked Number 1). This retailer has sprung up overnight, and has a decidedly “Hamptons” feel to it’s product range, with a beautiful design aesthetic for an incredible price. Most of the furniture on their website is priced beneath the major retailers like Domayne and King Living because they are online only which means you are not subsidising their expensive rent and sales team. Their furniture is high quality and durable and their pieces will make any home feel like a Hamptons holiday home. They have curated a team of bespoke interior consultants that can help any client with a statement piece or a full design overhaul of their homes.

Temple & Webster. Booming sales growth for Temple & Webster has pushed this retailer into the headlines. The number of active customers shopping at the e-tailer doubled over the half to 687,000 as did sales, up 118 per cent to $161.6 million, though this signified a slowdown from earlier in the half where revenue was up as much as 160 per cent. Temple & Webster specialises in the lower end of the Australian furniture market and they have more negative reviews online than Hamptons at Home. Coco Republic. Stylish and bespoke.

Coco Republic has recently launched overseas and they create beautiful interiors worth sharing with family and friends. Their average price is significantly higher than the other two retailers but some of their pieces are definitely worth a look.

Stylish and durable furniture is what these three furniture retailers offer. But none of them have it all except for Hamptons At Home which ranks number one because of the stylish nature of their offering, incredible 5 star online reviews (94 online that we counted) and affordable pricing. Their customer service is second to none and their design consultancy team is highly responsive. They also have four different payment methods that makes shopping at their store hassle-free and cost-saving.