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Tom Hitchcock – Purple Patch Consulting’s Founder and Pioneer of the Omni-Recruitment model

Tom Hitchcock is the founder and Managing Director of Purple Patch Consulting, and the pioneer of the omni-recruitment model, a new revolutionary concept offering a comprehensive range of recruiting, business, and advisory services with a scientific approach to recruitment and advising to suit clients of all sizes and needs.

Tom has been at the forefront of recruitment for over 10 years, with a long list of clients. Moving from the United Kingdom to Australia in 2010, Tom rose through the ranks of some of the world’s largest recruitment agencies before launching Purple Patch consulting in 2018.

After years of working with candidates and businesses as clients, Tom realized that the recruitment industry was based on failure.

“No matter how large the agency, the majority of clients, both candidates and companies, did not have a positive experience with their recruiters”, said Tom. “We set up Purple Patch Consulting with a range of services to suit the needs and budget of any sized client and drive success for all the stakeholders”.

“To master anything in life, a structured and methodical approach must be applied, adjusted and applied again until the desired outcome is achieved”.

Purple Patch Consulting focuses on the so-called “science of recruitment”, not just in theory, but in practice. Their scientific approach to matching candidates with the right companies Tom has set Purple Patch apart from every other recruitment agency in the market.

Talent drives business growth

Purple Patch has a range of professional consulting services on everything from sales and growth to team culture and talent retention. The company currently boasts consulting companies across a wide range of industries on growth strategy beyond just the recruitment realm to make sure growth is achieved for their clients.

Tom notes, “employees aren’t assets anymore. They are investors of time, energy, and talent. Starting with the premise that your talent will drive your business growth is critical to hitting your goals as a business”

Tom’s enthusiasm for small businesses has not only fuelled Purple Patch’s growth but their clients as well. And it’s what inspired him to create the company’s “omni-recruitment” approach, which allows companies at any stage of their growth cycle to find the right talent to fit with their businesses.

Omni-Recruitment – Not just a catchy phrase

Mr. Hitchcock coined the catchy phrase “omni-recrutiment”. Essentially this is a suite of six services that are designed for clients to leverage depending on their needs;

1) Low-cost recruitment – no placement fee or hidden costs

2) HR support model – ongoing market mapping and recruitment advisory

3) Business consultancy services – business consultancy services in the form of sales training, organisational mentoring, go-to marketing, subscription-based legal support, workplace meditation, e-commerce video, career coaching and team building

4) Flexible traditional recruitment model – no-win, no-fee model

5) Executive search – senior roles requiring specialized skill-sets

6) Client assessment tools, and employee value proposition (EVP) – scientific tools to analyse businesses, aiding retention and boosting productivity

With an ever-changing employment landscape where it’s harder to attract and retain people, it’s clear that Mr.Hitchcock has built a recruitment agency like no other before it. Accessible to all, driven by results, and founded on science and not guesswork.

Tom Hitchcock
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