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Three consumer spending trends on the rise in 2022 and how Baden Bower can help your brand ace them

While almost every traditional sector of the economy has been negatively impacted by two years of global pandemic, the digital marketing and publicity industry has boomed.

As more and more countries were locked down, and locked out of physical stores, retailers were forced to rethink their customer engagement strategies and adapt to new shopping trends. 

According to PayPal, 15% of adults started shopping regularly online for the first time during 2020. This trend is likely to continue as 38% also said they would continue their increased level of online shopping. Consequently, the e-commerce industry is predicted to scale up.

Specifically, businesses are gearing up to address three new consumer trends in 2022:

More consumers will be all-digital

Those who took up shopping online during the pandemic are expected to continue and probably expand this behaviour. 

Expectations of better digital experiences

Consumers will expect retailers to manage public health emergencies without disruption to online transactions and supply. Online shoppers will be less forgiving and will expect a successful and sustainable digital shopping experience.

Comfort shopping

Forrester’s ConsumerVoices Market Research Online Community (MROC) found people are looking to retail to bring them some joy. One member shares: “I’m looking for brands that make me happy, make me relax, and that put me in a good mood to help me escape.”


With increased demand and regard for all things digital, businesses are focussing more on their online visibility, and are turning to dedicated PR agencies to deliver this. 

Digital publicity is the ultimate strategy to raise awareness, credibility and trust, and Baden Bower is the best in the business. 

Leveraging  its network of more than 65 major news site affiliates and its highly skilled team of journalists, Baden Bower guarantees quick, easy, surefire results that will drive more leads, conversions and revenue.