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The Piper Lou Box of Awesome: the gift that keeps on giving

Piper Lou’s Box of Awesome has changed the landscape for subscription boxes and gifts. Most would describe it as happiness in a box. 


Carefully curated, this is not just overstocked inventory extras and low-sale items. Each monthly Box of Awesome is themed to make customers smile… and perhaps laugh a little too. 


There are 14 themes, including playful ones like “drinking” and “cursing.” All members receive boxes with two exclusive items from Piper Lou, delivered right to their door each month. It serves as a nice surprise, often helping brighten the day of the one receiving it.


Piper Lou also offers a no-fuss, hassle-free cancellation policy, but the excellent feedback from members suggests you won’t need this. Reviews include this one from Alicia: “Finally, shirts to fit my personality.” Kristy says: “I love my new Let’s Get Cozy blanket for chilly evenings with a nice glass of Golden Road in my Piper Lou glass!” Kerri said: “Honestly, I’m a big girl and was a little skeptical about the shirts fitting. Holy moly! They fit and are so soft and comfortable. When you get a chance, order!” 


In addition to the exceptional items found in the Box of Awesome, Piper Lou ensures total customer satisfaction through its fast and reliable shipping, money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer service. 


If a subscription box is too much of a commitment, Piper Lou offers a wide variety of quirky products, including tumblers, apparel and wine cups, all of which make perfect gifts.


Learn more about Piper Lou and their exclusive Box of Awesome at

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