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The Number 1 High Performing Team diagnostic – Building a better culture

How do you know if your team is performing to its potential? Often, leaders are reactive to a decline of performance. The High Performing Team (HPT) Assessment is designed to offer a proactive data-based insights approach that helps leaders objectively assess their team culture, backed by a deep understanding of what it takes to build, lead and support high-performing teams.

The High Performing Team Assessment gets results – as you’d expect from Australia’s number-one corporate high-performing team program. Over the past five years, Performance Shift’s Managing Director Kirk Peterson has refined the proprietary diagnostic tool he developed in collaboration with Dr John Molineaux of Deakin University, based on worldwide research and his own experience of guiding leading corporate and sporting teams to success. Blending art and science, the High Performing Team tool provides unique insights that result in more effective teams. And when they’re built on alignment, collaboration, psychological safety, resilience and trust they form the foundations of a High Performing Team.

Market conditions have certainly changed over the past two years, and stage one of the High Performing Team Program, is to provide a strong basis to evolve work practices and build cultural changes that encompass the needs of hybrid teams, allowing them to thrive despite the pressures of external elements.

St Kilda Football Club’s General Manager of Football Simon Lethlean says, “The High Performing Team diagnostic tool from the team at Performance Shift helped us assess where our program and people were at, identify the weaknesses and strengths, and to shine a light on ourselves in order to understand where we are at and where we want to get to.” That’s the core of this tool. It provides a snapshot of your current team situation, as well as a strong foundation that allows you to develop a plan for continuous improvement.

As Peterson himself says, “By building operational rhythms that encourage reflection and maximising individuals’ strengths can accelerate the journey to High Performance.” And according to Australia’s business community, the best way to begin that process starts with a High Performing Team Assessment from Performance Shift.

Stage two; the last piece of the High Performance Team Program has just been launched to expedite the process. This entails a more accountable approach and encourages individuals to improve their self-awareness by a Peer Review. The individual assessment has been anchored from the worldwide research of what constitutes a High Performing Team.

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