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The highs and lows of Day Trading and how D.J. Niemiec is changing the paradigm

A day trader is a stock market investor who opens and closes positions throughout the trading day, rather than holding them for extended periods. Trade time spans might be as short as a minute or as long as several hours.

Rather than focusing on a company’s fundamentals, day traders focus on what a stock price is doing at that precise moment, and how the price has behaved historically under certain conditions. It has become a popular method of income generation because successful day traders can make more money in just a couple of hours than they can by working a 40 hour week.

It can be very profitable for people who learn how to do it well,” says Gust Kepler, CEO of a trading software company BLBX. Kepler also openly spoke about its repercussions. “The reality,” he said, “is that most people fail at it.” His estimate of a day trading success rate is at 15%.

Nigam Arora, CEO of The Arora Report, agreed: “If you’re day trading long positions in stocks, the risk is losing all your money. If you’re trying to short the market, you can lose even more; your downside risk is unlimited.”

Day traders also run the risk of not making enough money to offset the transaction fees associated with making more deals. It takes time, effort, attention, temperament and winning strategies to minimize risk.

D.J. Niemiec aka ‘Deejmoney’ has been day trading since 2007. Riding the surge of interest in day-trading, he educates amateur traders on not only achieving more through day-trading, but also sustaining the generated additional income.

He created his own trading system called Multibillionairez so people would feel more comfortable chasing aggressive investments to reap higher rewards. Deejmoney’s safety net strategy is the key and he operates it with his own trades.

Through a subscription fee of $50 a month (with the first month free of charge), anyone can connect their broker account to Niemiec’s to join the trades he is making. Alternatively, subscribers can receive trade alerts and manually input their own trades.

As part of his holistic approach to income and life goals, Deejmoney donates 10% of generated subscription fees to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Deejmoney is all about holistic growth. Other than helping people become more financially independent, he also provides life coaching, which you can access by simply sending him a Direct Message on Instagram @deejmoney1.

Deejmoney believes day-trading goes beyond the skills and technical principles. Discipline is key and he inspires others to be focused goal-getters.

DJ Niemiec