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The Entourage’s Jack Delosa Revolutionizes Business Education

Jack Delosa is the founder of The Entourage, Australia’s leading business education for entrepreneurs and executives under 40. They currently have over 35,000 members and an international community of over 500,000 businesses.

Jack Delosa is a self-made millionaire and young Australian entrepreneur. He founded two multi-million dollar enterprises at the age of 27 and published the book The UnProfessional.

Jack Delosa is an entrepreneur and investor who has been dubbed “The Young Aussie Millionaire Who Didn’t Finish Uni” by Sunrise. Jack has built two multi-million dollar enterprises at the age of 27. From a standing start, Jack has built and sold two multi-million dollar businesses, one at the age of 22, the other 27.

In 2007, Jack Delosa co-founded MBE Education, a firm dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in raising capital and selling businesses. MBE grew swiftly and won the SmartCompany StartUp Awards in 2009. By the time Delosa was 22, MBE was generating over $1 million in yearly revenue. MBE will aid its clients in raising hundreds of millions of dollars in the future years.

Delosa’s current focus, through the business education institution, The Entourage, is on educating and nurturing a new breed of entrepreneurs. With over 35,000 members worldwide, The Entourage is Australia’s largest educator of entrepreneurs under 40. The Entourage has grown to become Australia’s premier business education company and community. The Entourage

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