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TaxFox 2021 Review, Australia’s Number One Tax Refund Maximising App

Ever wondered how to get the maximum refund at tax time? It’s scary to think that over 9 million Australian’s leave over $12 billion in unclaimed tax deductions every year. In 2020, an estimated $7.5 billion worth of tax deductible donations were unclaimed and thousands of tax refund dollars were missed by individual taxpayers.

TaxFox stands out as Australia’s number one app to track and prepare your tax returns. TaxFox has already helped thousands of Australian’s boost their savings by claiming millions in tax deductions.

TaxFox’s Founder, Maz Zaman, said “the average Australian leaves hundreds of dollars on the table in tax deductions because either they don’t know what is allowed to claim, or simply forget what has been spent that should be claimed, so TaxFox created an app to help make it easy to maximise tax refunds and never miss out on claiming what every tax payer is entitled to”.

TaxFox’s app lets users track and grow your estimated tax refund in real time. Users can store all your receipts in one place and they offer personalised tax saving tips based on the user’s occupation. TaxFox also has an amazing feature that compares tax deductions with what other people in similar jobs and industries are claiming so users can see if there are any other deductions that are possible to be claimed at tax time.

When it’s time to lodge a tax return this financial year, TaxFox makes it easy to export all the relevant information in one PDF and all receipts in a single ZIP file. This can easily be sent from the app to the user’s accountant or be used to self-lodge tax returns through the Australian Tax Office myTax portal.

TaxFox user Brett Kelly noted, “other tax websites out there like Tax-Bot and One-Click Tax were more like tax questionnaires. The TaxFox app helped by logging all the work-from-home hours I’ve logged over the pandemic so those can be tax deductions. In the end, TaxFox was just easier to use and got a bigger tax refund than any other year before.”

Best of all, TaxFox’s App is free for up to 12 deductions and 20 work-from-home hours. If users need to log more or claim more and its cheap and easy to upgrade to one of TaxFox’s paid packages for between $4 – $13 a month, which seems a bargain considering users can save you thousands at tax time. Not to mention the cost of TaxFox’s app is also tax deductible itself.

Don’t pay more tax than is needed. Don’t want to miss out on tax deductions this financial year, check out Tax Fox for free, TaxFox

About Tax Fox

TaxFox is Australia’s number one app for maximising tax refunds. TaxFox uses tax-smart technology to help claim more tax deductions throughout the year, and make tax-time stress free.

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