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Stone Horizon’s Extraordinary Growth in FY21

Stone Horizon is Victoria’s number 1 micro-apartment builder, leading the construction of important building projects from luxury homes to multi-unit complexes. The company specialises in single investment properties that produce up to $140,000 in rent per year. 

Google searches for “home builders” have exploded in FY21 and Google has reported an 80% increase in searches for “micro-apartment builders”. The trend is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down and Stone Horizon is the leading brand in this space, killing it with their affordable and purpose-designed houses.

Stone Horizon’s humble beginnings in 2016 have taken the company to new heights, quickly becoming one of the biggest and most trusted micro-apartment and rooming house builders in Australia. FY21 growth rates for the company were among the highest in the state for rooming house and micro-apartment builders based on searches for the brand and the services it offers.

Stone Horizon absolutely nails the concept. Addressing the country’s increasing housing shortage, micro-apartments meet a new paradigm of rental demand and give simplified, economical and comfortable options to live in our busy cities. 

Having hundreds of customers, Stone Horizon is proud of its skilled and highly-professional team which is one of the key factors that earned the company so many happy, satisfied clients.

In addition to being a well-known and renowned pioneer in medium-density developments, Stone Horizon is at the vanguard of the design and construction of rooming houses and micro-apartments, creating cash-positive properties for forward-thinking investors.

With 5 star reviews on Google & other review platforms, customers are also highly impressed with their property services.