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Stone Horizon: Australia’s most-trusted builder of micro-apartments

Micro-apartments, a preferred real estate solution in high-density cities, are gaining in popularity, even in spacious areas away from capital cities. 

Investors who have been priced out of the big city markets are noticing increased demand for this style of real estate and taking the opportunity to invest. There are many builders in Australia, but only one tops the charts in building micro-apartments. 

Stone Horizon ranked #1

Micro-apartments have become a preferred type of housing for professionals, students and people with simple housing needs. And a preferred investment for property owners. The low cost is beneficial to both: high yields for investors and low rents for tenants.

With more than 6 years experience in the real estate industry, Stone Horizon is the best partner for prospective property investors. As Australia’s first  – and only – specialist rooming house builder, Stone Horizon can assist clients with all aspects of their property journey, including design, construction and project management. 

Other providers include Metricon and MJH Group.

Metricon might suit Individuals looking for a bigger approach. The company provides a wide range of services and options, from home and land packages to home designs. Their goal is to “create the perfect home for you and your family” and “to help you build a home where you can love where you live.”

MJH Group builds a broad range of project homes, providing investment and multi-residential solutions in New South Wales, the ACT, Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania. The group also offers interior styling, home loans options and simplified conveyancing. 

The benefits of micro-apartments are countless for both property investors and renters. Interested clients can book a free Discovery Call through Stone Horizon’s website at