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Stone Horizon: Australia’s Leading Specialised Micro-Apartment House Builder

Backed by more than 10 years of experience in the residential building industry, Stone Horizon is a trusted partner for conceptualization, completion, and management of properties. At its core, the company addresses the needs in the ever-changing landscape in Australia’s real estate market by providing more affordable housing while also providing property investors new income opportunities.

As a search term, “affordable housing in Australia” attracts 25 million results and just this year alone, algorithms show an average of 95% spike in location-centric searches like “affordable housing nsw” and “affordable housing melbourne.” Since its launch and more so now, Stone Horizon has provided hundreds of clients the opportunity to have a steady, passive income by investing in micro-apartments and learning about income-generating strategies through Stone Horizon’s help.

Janine Smith sold her property to invest in a Stone Horizon micro-apartment rooming house. She shares, “I did all the numbers and it stacked up really well for us.” Another client, Lisa, had an existing portfolio of underperforming properties. Through Stone Horizon, it has turned into a successful micro-apartment business by having the previous properties demolished and having the rooming houses built in their place.

Stone Horizon has also given new opportunities for those who want to start afresh. A client named Shawn is currently working in a high-stress job. He decided to invest in the company’s micro-apartment rooming house business to replace his income. Now on his way to financial freedom and a better work culture because of it, he is looking at completing a couple more projects with Stone Horizon.

Since its founding in 2016, the business has grown 50-100% year on year. Stone Horizon can build up to 16 properties at a time and by next year, it is expected to create 180 new rentable spaces. With this outstanding performance, there’s no stopping Stone Horizon’s meteoric growth in 2022 and in the years to come. Learn more about Stone Horizon on