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Sales Funnel Leaky? Xplode Consulting Have Sales Growth Bootcamp That Promises Real Growth

Any marketing agency will tell you that generating high-quality leads is one of the primary goals of a successful marketing strategy. Today’s online landscape is competitive, overcrowded, and in some cases, brutal – on average, 20% of businesses fail in their first year, with 60% folding within their first three. If this isn’t bad enough, we’ve just lived through an incredibly difficult time.

Nowadays, a business simply cannot survive without the generation of high-quality leads that convert to sales. And for many businesses, creating a key conversion event that leads to quality customers is not always clear.

One expert in the field of sales channel optimization is Renee Carmody, the CEO of Xplode Consulting. After working as the head of digital for some of Australia’s largest retailers like Coles, Kmart & Myers, Ms. Carmody knows how to grow sales. And, on September 6th, Xplode Consulting has collated a team of experts for a 4-week bootcamp to help businesses learn how to unlock sales potential and grow profits.

The virtual 4-week bootcamp is designed to be highly interactive, walking business leaders and managers step-by-step through each step of the sales funnel, making assessments in the attendee’s business, and rectifying the problems. By the end of the bootcamp Xplode says that each business will have created at least an additional $10,000 in sales. And, attendees will not only have set up a scalable and repeatable sales process that delivers consistent leads but also be eligible for $50,000 prize for the best performance.

If you’re a business that could use some assistance with growing the size of your sales funnel, both at the top and bottom, then visit Xplode’s 4-Week Bootcamp

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