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Rntr. Revealed: The new startup that makes fashion truly sustainable

Here’s a dirty, not-so-little secret: the fashion industry has been under fire for a while now particularly because of fast fashion and its effect on the environment. Not keen on a side of guilt with your latest fashion purchase that you’ll wear once and then discard? Join the club. But how do shoppers resist fashion trends when a new bag or dress gives you a bolt of happiness stepping out with a new item that makes your friends say “Wow”?

Enter fashion rental startup Rntr. and its belief that fashion is not just supposed to be fun and fuss-free, but also environmentally friendly. The brand advocates “truly sustainable fashion” and believes that for this to work out, everyone, from your favourite brand to you as the consumer, has a role to play.

This idea is expressed through the concept they call “circularity”. Fashion brands sign up to increase revenue and reduce their carbon footprint, and consumer utilise Rntr to wear fashion on demand in a more environmentally conscious way.

Through this, Rntr. is able to empower everyone involved in the process of making fashion a sustainable experience. Brands earn more by renting out more and exponentially increasing revenue while renters wear better for less. The ultimate winner is the environment which is harmed less in the process. Truly a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Interested in knowing more? Check out how Rntr. works and why it matters at a time like this.

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