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Renosell’s Specialised Renovate Now-Pay Later Makes Extraordinary Growth in FY21

From its conception, Renosellwas built around the idea of filling the gap in the property industry. Renosell’s unique business model has taken the company to great heights as it quickly rises to become one of the most trusted, reliable and commendable property companies operating in Australia.

Beyond Renosell’s ability in serving the underserved and highly specialised renovate now-pay later real estate sector. Renosell has made a remarkable growth in the fiscal year 2021 delivering over 20 projects and is tracking to deliver 40 by the end of the year. This fantastic growth rate is due to the diverse set of skills and business expertise of its founders—Hassan Najjarine, Nathan Karam, Luke Karam, and Josh Mansour.

Combining business acumen from different but interconnected fields of real estate, construction, design, marketing, and business strategy, the four founders have brought to the table a winning partnership that not only addresses a huge gap in the industry but at the same time being able to make renovation and property selling more accessible and easy in an all-in-one, value-added service.

Saving clients time and money

“We realized that renovating would add significant value to the property prior to sale, but why pay for it upfront?”.

Recognised for its complete end-to-end and hassle-free customer experience, support, seamless communication, and advice throughout the entire project process, Renosell has also established an extensive and trustworthy network of real estate agents.

This sets the company apart in the industry for its adeptness at guiding clients in all stages of the property development life cycle—from property search, acquisition, design, planning, approval, and the selling stage.

With its unique business model, the company is also able to help its clients put together their renovation funds without paying the crippling upfront fee while earning more out of their property when it’s time to finally sell.

Through Renosell’s wide industry knowledge, expertise and connections, property owners even with the lack of cash or experience in undertaking a renovation project can bring it to completion with the all-around service of the company.

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