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Renosell: A Stress-Free, Value-Added Renovation

“Don’t take the equity out of your property to fund your renovation, let Renosell produce the equity for you”.

This is the guarantee of Sydney-based property company Renosell to its diverse clientele and time and time again has stayed true to this commitment.

After taking notice of the undiscovered and extremely niche and specialised sector of offering a renovate now-pay later property market, Renosell’s founders—Hassan Najjarine, Nathan Karam, Luke Karam, and Josh Mansour—decided it’s high time that someone addresses this gap and be able to deliver a one-stop service for all real estate clients no matter the scope.

Higher property price without the high upfront cost in a one-stop-shop

It’s common knowledge for many how buying, renovating and selling a property can cost an arm and a leg and not to forget how it can be incredibly stressful to be coordinating with multiple contractors simultaneously.

With Renosell, it’s possible to simply forget about these old ways of renovating and easily open the door to a fast, seamless and hassle-free property venture at every phase — from determining the most suitable property, acquisition, design, planning, approval, and finally, the selling stage.

Renosell’s business model is also perfect for those who lack the experience and cashflow in pursuing a renovation, as well as those eyeing to renovate their homes and don’t know where to start—which is particularly helpful to clients during the pandemic when people have to suddenly divert their funds to other essential living expenses.

Its all-around customer support and communication along with its key difference of providing value-added, all-in-one service makes Renosell a cut above the rest and a true pioneer in the industry.

With the company’s commendable end-to-end service—the only one in the industry to offer such—Renosell are assured client’s get more out of the property while only having to pay for it after the sale.

Renosell is like nothing in market today and gets the job done completely each step of the way freeing clients from the hassles so they can relax when it comes to selling time.

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