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Rapid Growth for UI/UX Consulting firm Torii Consulting in FY21

From 2017 to 2050, the User Experience (UX) profession is expected to grow from about one million people to about 100 million people. The curve is already bending upwards and the next few years will be a rocket ride. For all practical purposes, the exponential growth in UX is still to come.

The main purpose of UX is to simplify complex information. A UX Design firm that can understand user behaviour gives companies the opportunity to implement effective, targeted strategies throughout the market and in its digital ecosystem.

Torii Consulting provides this service to both large and small businesses and is leading the way in Australia’s UX Design market, having just been voted #1 by comparison website Review Rumble.

Torii has increased its revenue by 200 per cent in the last six months and added 20 new members to its community in just the last two months. Torii has also seen a 100 per cent increase in the number of its clients and partners in the last two quarters.

With a gap in the market around rapidly growing startups and a skills shortage within design, Torii continues to work with businesses that are at the forefront of innovative customer experiences.

As leading Design Thinkers, Torii have worked with some of Melbourne’s most well-known start-ups, including Redbubble, CultureAmp, and GreenSync, as well as some of Australia’s most recognisable large corporations, including Australia Post, Telstra, and NAB.

“Torii has become a reliable resource that is both efficient and understands the needs of our stakeholders,” says Australia Post’s Resource Advisor, Jacklyn Merto. “We’ve had many specific requirements and Torii has taken pride in the quality of the talent they have delivered.”

Already one of Australia’s top UX Design businesses, Torii Consulting is on the right track to pursue its passion to enrich human lives through the thoughtful application of design, and take advantage of the growing global demand for UX capability.