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RADiENT Analytics’ new Advisory Board set to revolutionize financial services

RADiENT Analytics has announced its newly-formed Advisory Board

RADiENT Analytics is a New York-based investment analytics and market intelligence platform, used by leading investment managers, asset allocators and financial institutions.


The new Board consists of industry-leading investment management experts and senior financial services executives, who will provide the RADiENT team with strategic guidance to develop its next-generation investment analytics and research platform into the cutting-edge tool for fund performance, due diligence and investment insights. 

The members of the Advisory Board are Peter Scaturro (Chairperson), Berk Mesta, Eric Meltzer, and Rob Adler.


RADiENT’s founder and managing director, Sanjay Bharwani made the announcement.

“I am thrilled to welcome Peter, Berk, Eric and Rob to the RADiENT team,” he said. “Each of them brings significant and wide-ranging experience and expertise to our advisory board, and we expect their guidance to be invaluable as we grow the RADiENT platform and business.”


RADiENT’s new chair, Peter Scaturro, said: “Investment managers have an abundance of data but struggle to focus on the information that matters. RADiENT allows them to cut through the noise, by highlighting critical information and insights to drive their businesses forward.”


Each of the Advisory Board members has an impressive CV and a track-record in successful financial services management and advice:

  • Peter Scaturro

Peter has joined RADiENT as the Chairperson of the Advisory Board. Peter has extensive  industry experience and has sat on numerous corporate boards and not-for-profit boards throughout his career. Peter was a partner at Goldman Sachs from 2007-09, where he oversaw the Global Wealth Management business. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Peter was the Chief Executive Officer at US Trust, and an executive at CitiGroup Global Private Bank. Peter has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences and a Masters in Engineering from Columbia University.


  • Berk Mesta

Berk is currently the Chief Commercial & Revenue Officer at Viewpointe LLC. He is a strategic leader and operator in business development, growth, sales, strategy and financial operations. He was on the Advisory Board of OCE Interactive LLC and has served with Weston Financial as its Senior Vice President, Capital Markets, and as Commercial Head of North America for Temenos AG. Berk holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Lehigh University.


  • Eric Meltzer

Eric has fulfilled the role of Chief Technology Officer at leading asset management firms, such as Waddell and Reed, Oppenheimer Funds and Putnam Investments. Eric’s expertise lies in modernizing complex systems and maximizing operational effectiveness across organizations. Eric holds a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from Boston University and a Master of Science in Operations Research from George Washington University.


  • Rob Adler

Rob is currently the CEO of Financial Recovery Technologies, a technology-based services firm. He is also the founder of RKT Publishing LLC and co-founder of CCBN. Rob has served as Chairman of PangeaConnect  and President and CEO of Wordstream. Rob has a BA in Economics and Public Policy from Brown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


“We are thrilled to have such experienced executives on our advisory board, as we continue on our mission to build RADiENT as the leading investment management platform,” said Mr Bharwani.