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Purple Patch Consulting: Omni-Recruitment Mix of Consulting Services

Encompassing recruitment and consultancy, Purple Patch’s omni-recruitment model has lead to the fruition of the company’s so-called “science of recruitment”— the key to how it has effectively set itself apart from the rest in the industry. With a range of services that reduce costs and employee turnover by taking a truly scientific approach to the recruitment process.

“To master anything in life, a structured and methodical approach must be applied, adjusted and applied again until the desired outcome is achieved”.

This is the mantra of Purple Patch Consulting, Australia’s only “omni-recruitment” company — a new evolutionary concept in the industry spearheaded by its director, Tom Hitchcock — offering a full range of recruitment, business, and consultancy services that takes a scientific approach to recruitment and consulting.

The company is driven and headed by Tom Hitchcock, after seeing the gap for the small and medium-sized business sector, Mr. Hitchcock utilised his international experience and genuine desire to create his unique business acumen and bring Purple Patch to the forefront of the recruitment and business consultancy industry.

“The traditional recruitment model is doesn’t fit every company, many people tell me a story about being burned or let down by a recruitment agent, so we created a menu of services to suit the needs and budget of any sized client”.

Omni-Recruitment – Getting the right people in your business

Tom’s passion for SMEs has been the vehicle of the success of Purple Patch which influenced him to design the company’s “omni-recruitment” strategy. The suite of six winning services that centering on low-cost recruitment, HR support model, business consultancy services, flexible traditional recruitment model and executive search, client assessment tools, and employee value proposition (EVP).

In low-cost recruitment, clients will only pay a minimal upfront fee but without the placement fee and hidden extras while providing a minimum 5x active candidate matching and the full amount paid guarantee. Purple Patch’s HR support model, on the other hand, employs market mapping, recruitment advisory.

It also offers business consultancy services in the form of sales training, organisational mentoring, go-to marketing, subscription-based legal support, workplace meditation, e-commerce video, career coaching, catwalk confidence and team building, i-legal, innovation, strategy, and individual mentoring.

At the same time, clients can still choose the traditional placement model in the no-win/no-fee style for roles that it makes commercial sense to do so. Purple Patch provides this flexible approach and makes this model accessible to all kinds of company levels, sizes, and industries.

Purple Patch’s employee value proposition is another high-priority service. It’s that crucial aspect that encapsulates the recruitment methods and employee retention efforts including compensation and benefits programs of a company.

Rounding up the five key points is the company’s modern range of client assessment tools that have been developed to reduce cost and employee turnover rate. And with a large and diverse client base, it’s clear that Purple Patch is onto a winning formula.

Tom Hitchcock
Purple Patch Consulting
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