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Prolific Corp’s Tremaine Fernandez reveals the secrets of his success

Prolific Corp’s Tremaine Fernandez, a seasoned entrepreneur—with experience in diverse industries from non-profit, government, small to medium enterprise, fashion and apparel, renewable energy, and commodities trading—the 2016 Victoria Young Entrepreneur Award finalist spills the details of his success in the world of business.

With the launch of Prolific Corp, he continues an incredible growth trajectory as he takes the company to great heights growing year after year—making $1m in revenue in FY20 and $30m in FY21, representing 2900% growth.

In addition, Prolific Corp is closing a jet fuel deal worth $1.3bn rounding up an estimated $312m in savings for its global rolodex of clientele.

Specialising in sourcing and delivering commodities such as gold, oil, jet fuel, precious metals, and industrial metals, the company takes pride in it’s access to key global commodities markets, setting itself apart in an industry dominated by large monopolistic multinational companies.

A member of the International Chamber of Commerce, he is supported by global connections from external commercial businesses and legal partners.

With access to commodities at 20% less than spot prices and the ability to source in just 14 days, his brokerage strategy removes a lot of red tape making commodities purchasing difficult for new entrants.

Tremaine Fernandez
Prolific Corp