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Profit & Purpose’s Cristina Morales and Jamie Bianchini

After Jamie Bianchini went bankrupt at 28, failed at his relationships, and sacrificed his health, he realized there was more to life than just chasing financial dreams and material wealth. He looked for a deeper purpose in life, which eventually led to Profit & Purpose. Bianchini has been a social entrepreneur for more than twenty years.

This visionary has come up with many innovative ideas that have changed the world, starting with Peace Pedalers, the world’s first intercultural tandem cycling expedition around the world where Jamie rode with over 1,000 strangers and helped create multiple charity projects in health, education and transportation. More recently he founded LuDela, a Public Benefit candle company that helped build four libraries in underserved communities.

LuDela was acquired in Fall of 2019 and Jamie still serves as their Chief Visionary Officer. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Jamie’s wife Cristina Morales, who met Jamie in Argentina on the Peace Pedalers expedition, told Jamie she wanted to find creative ways to create more consistent steams of donations to nonprofits in need that were not dependent on economic downturns like the pandemic. This inspired her to create Profit & Purpose.

Profit & Purpose is the world’s first purpose-driven technology advisory and procurement service company. Its goal is to reduce fixed costs for businesses and “purpose-power” their services to increase profits, purpose and growth.

“We make it simple for companies to make more of a difference by purpose-powering their infrastructure so that giving becomes part of the heartbeat of their company,” said Jamie Bianchini, COO of Profit & Purpose.

“Our approach delivers more consistent donations for their community partners, a deeper purpose-driven culture at the company, and more profits for stakeholders.”

Bianchini combined his business-savvy with his passion for creating socially impactful projects to help his wife Cristina realize her vision of a business that will create consistent support for their clients’ nonprofit impact partners that is not dependent on financial performance.

By tying donations to a percentage of fixed costs, these impact partners can budget and run their organizations more effectively with consistent donations, and thus create more change in the world. Now that’s revolutionary!

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