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Profit & Purpose Review 2021

Businesses, as well as Individuals, want to be meaningful, especially in these difficult times. However, because profits fluctuate, many businesses find it difficult to generate enough continuous revenue to support their non-profit partners on a consistent basis This is the motivation behind Profit & Purpose.

Launched in 2020, the company promises to manage business costs so businesses can consistently donate to charities while still maintaining their profitability.

Profit & Purpose is a procurement consultancy firm created by Cristina Morales and her husband Jamie Bianchini. They dreamt up the idea after seeing how the pandemic affected local communities when donations from struggling businesses dried up. They work with purpose-driven companies to reduce expenses by 10-50 percent, and ensure that a portion of these essential fixed costs are donated to their nonprofit impact partners.

Following an initial consultation, Profit & Purpose offers a free, no-obligation auditing service to present their clients with a roadmap of options to “purpose-power” their technology stack while reducing costs. Once accepted, their expert team executes the roadmap, ensuring minimal time requirements from their clients’ team and zero downtime.

One by one, Profit & Purpose will begin to “purpose-power” essential multiple technology services like voice communications, video conferencing, email, internet, cloud software and more.

“Increasing the bottom-line profit while creating a recurring donation stream to our community partners seemed too good to be true, but Profit & Purpose delivered on their promise,” says Kathy Fetke, co-CEO of RealWealth Network, a Profit & Purpose client.

For RealWealth, Profit & Purpose made the seemingly impossible a reality. “We presented the launch of our first purpose-powered business service at our quarterly meeting,” said Rich Fettke, Co-CEO of RealWealth Network. “We launched the new service with the message, ‘Every Phone Call Supports Our Mission.’

Our team was excited and our company morale has visibly increased. Everyone is thrilled to continue rolling out more key purpose-powered business services like video conferencing, eSignature, email and more.”

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