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Piper Lou: fearless fun on a mug

Piper Lou found a gap in the market for a fun brand that kept it real. They filled the gap with excessive sarcasm and tasted immediate success. Since then, Piper Lou has experienced tremendous growth, filling more than 750,000 orders and shipping well over 2 million items since 2016.


Piper Lou’s playful, quirky designs and fearless approach makes it a top-of-mind brand for anyone who wants to give unique gifts or own items that fit their quirky personality. Some companies play it safe with product themes like Christmas, animals or love. Piper Lou goes for drinking, cursing and other provocative themes. It definitely makes Secret Santa a little more interesting. 


Piper Lou sells tees, tanks, beanies, hoodies, glassware, wine cups, tumblers and decals. They are all about being fun and authentic and some of their merchandise portrays hilarious messages, such as “What – and I cannot stress this enough – the fuck” and “Bitch I will put you in a trunk and help people look for you.” We have all worked a job where one of these designs would not be considered work appropriate. At the Piper Lou office, they are encouraged. 


Other messaging includes inspirational quotes like “The comeback is always stronger than the setback” and “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”  I would compare the array of designs to dressing up for a night on the town, dolled up, and gorgeous to 2 days later, wearing stained sweatpants & a hoodie on the couch eating cheetos watching Sex & the City. You gotta be able to do both. 


Piper Lou also accommodates personalization requests for laser-etching on tumblers, wine cups, coffee mugs, travel mugs and beverage holders. If there isn’t a design on the site for you, take the matter into your hands and personalize one of their customized designs. I’m sure you can think of some creative way to do that *wink wink*. 


First-time customers are given exclusive promo codes when they join the Piper Lou mailing list, making it easy to buy their first quirky items. Whether you need stocking fillers or a fun gift to make friends or family smile, Piper Lou is the way to go. 


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