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Peter McLean – aka Property Daddy NYC – Ranked Number 1 Luxury Real Estate Agent in New York

“Daddy knows best” is the tagline for New York luxury real estate agent Peter McLean, aka Property Daddy NYC. Peter McLean is ranked number one luxury real estate agent by review website Review Rumble in 2021.

The New York property market is not easy to navigate, it’s a red ocean of smooth-talking and questionable individuals that has become something of a joke the world over.

Property Daddy NYC adds quirky branding in an effort to disarm sellers and buyers and win their trust. Peter even has Property Daddy NYC branded masks that are offered to clients in order to keep them safe as they tour New York’s finest properties.

This novel marketing ploy has worked well for Peter who has had a bumper year in 2021. Property Daddy NYC has seen incredible growth in a New York property market that is only just recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

Peter joined New York’s number 1 agency, Corcoran, and now spends his time working with A-list clientele on both the buyer and seller side. Holding a degree from the prestigious Oxford University in the UK, Peter is a native Australian that has lived in New York City for over 25 years. With a lively career, Peter McLean also owned and operated a music label called D1 Music which produced 12 Billboard hits.

After a string of life-changing events, including the loss of both parents in the same year, Peter decided to take a change of career, selling the label and getting his real estate license. It wasn’t long before Peter’s cheeky Aussie grin and honest, no-BS attitude won over clients.

“I like to inspire and encourage my clients to examine their true needs and desires so we are able to create real synergy and trust. This, in turn, helps me to find wonderful and fulfilling properties for each of my clients”, said Peter.

In recent months, Property Daddy NYC has exploded on social media with incredible growth on his Instagram and a “Daddy Knows Best” vlog and a Property Daddy theme song being launched this month. Love or hate Property Daddy’s branding, the agent’s figures and reviews speak for themselves. Peter McLean has sold and bought dozens of properties for clients in the last few months alone. Property Daddy NYC has established himself by providing trustworthy and objective advice for buyers and sellers throughout New York City.

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