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Paul and Colin Hammond – Iamfine Origin Story – Checking in on Mum

Like all great business ideas, Iamfine grew from a problem that founders Colin and Paul Hammond needed to solve in their own lives. The brothers live on different continents – Paul on the west coast in the USA and Colin in the UK – while their “fiercely independent” mother Isobel resides in Florida.

While the pair speak to Isobel often, their busy schedules and time differences meant they couldn’t check in on her every day. Solution: – an automated daily phone call service that rings Isobel at the same time each day to make sure she’s OK. It doesn’t replace the boys’ regular calls and visits, but it gives all three of them peace of mind, especially because if Isobel does miss a check-in, nearby friends can pop in to make sure everything is fine.

Of course, it takes more than just a nice idea to create a business like Iamfine. Colin and Paul have many years of technology and software experience, having been involved in some large projects along the way. Paul helped to design one of the very first VOIP cloud platforms at, while Colin founded the AI software tool “Scopemaster ” in addition to working for several major British companies.

But in Iamfine, they’ve combined their talents to create a robust, reliable and scalable service that lets them know Isobel is OK – and offers the same reassurance to a user base that’s grown rapidly since they launched the business in 2012.

Today, while servicing tens of thousands of users, and having delivered over 2 million calls, the Hammonds continue to add functionality to their offering, including COVID-specific calls for people who are self-isolating, reassurance for solitary pet owners and calls for parents whose kids have gone away to college. They have recently expanded the service to allow group homes and independent living facilities to use it as a means to check on the wellness of all their residents.

The service is inconspicuous and may be used with emergency contact services such as medical alert help buttons. Hundreds of testimonials from clients’ who have avoided dangerous and life-threatening circumstances by using the service can be seen on the company’s website. The Iamfine call is there to rescue the day, literally, even if a “loved one” is unable to hit an emergency button.

And it all came from two loving brothers wanting to check in on their healthy, independent, who at 95 is still out there playing golf.

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