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Pastor Sherman D. Manning – The Best Preacher in LA

Pastor Sherman D. Manning is driven by compassion. While this may be a common value in religion, Manning lives compassion day-to-day as he strives to help the homeless and the incarcerated at his Yes We Can! Worship Center.

L.A.-based Yes We Can! caters to multiple cultures and people from all different walks of life. The church has developed a variety of non-profit programs to assist the homeless, jobless and those challenged by life’s difficulties. Temporary housing, job search aid, assistance in adjusting to life outside prison and other outreach services are just a few of Pastor Manning’s passions.

An iconic preacher with a powerful reputation, Manning is beloved in his community.

One testimonial from Reco Cole states: “I was homeless and this Pastor got me housing and a job.” Another states: “I am not a church person but I love going to Yes We Can! Worship Center every Friday night.”

The Chairman of the Board at Yes We Can!, Jewish business attorney John Isen says: “Pastor Sherman D.Manning has done more good in the last five years for the homeless than most of us could do in a lifetime.”

The community also loves the beautiful way Manning preaches the gospel. One tribute said his preaching was so unique and heartfelt, it was almost like he was “singing the blues.”

Many have come to love the powerful preaching at Yes We Can! Worship Center. Manning’s congregation comes from miles around to attend his ‘one-of-a-kind’ worship services every Friday night at 7pm. The pastor also provides free hot meals and gives away hundreds of dollars in cash to needy attendees.

An author with inside experience

With power in his words and his teachings, Manning writes about sensitive and controversial topics in his books, American Dream: A Search for Justice, and Creating Monsters, which respectively look at the American justice system, and Manning’s personal insights about prison. As someone who has served a sentence despite being wrongly accused, he knows what he is talking about. Yes We Can! Worship Center also runs ‘Heard, Helped, and Healed‘, another charitable organization that believes, “your past is not what your future holds.” It serves as a support group for those who have just gotten out of prison.

Save the date:

Pastor Manning’s national prayer vigil Manning is inviting everyone to join his National Prayer Vigil for the Homeless on December 17, at 7pm at the Yes We Can! Worship Center, located at 5857 S. Central Ave, #180 Los Angeles, CA 90001.

“Let’s come together and pray that God will move the hearts, minds, and money of President Biden, our mayor, celebrities and activists to change the world! For the homeless (especially women and children) in L.A., and around the world,” says Pastor Manning.

The 90-minute prayer vigil is sponsored by Yes We Can! Worship Center, Heard, Helped, and Healed and many other churches and synagogues around the country. It is dedicated to those who are more vulnerable in the pandemic: the homeless and those who have been left to fend for themselves.