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New kid on the block: Vuly announces kids’ beds as a new product line. And they are amazing!

Building bedroom forts is a rite of passage for every kid, and is even more exciting with the Vuly Den, the pilot product of Vuly’s new line of kids’ beds. Vuly Den creates an indoor camping experience kids will love.


Australia’s leading manufacturer outdoor play equipment

Vuly goes the extra yard in innovation, safety and fun. The Brisbane-based company has always been a trailblazer in the engineering for outdoor play products, including trampolines, kids bikes and swing sets for more than a decade, and provide their customers with premium-quality gear that guarantees safety and peace of mind.


Fun days, restful nights

In 2021, Vuly introduced a new product line that kids can enjoy indoors.

The Vuly Den bed frame is made from trademark high-quality materials found in Vuly’s existing line of outdoor play equipment. Kids can enjoy building and climbing their bed fortress, letting their imaginations run wild. Parents can rest easy knowing that everything about the Vuly Den is crafted and engineered by Australia’s #1 outdoor play equipment manufacturer. 


The Vuly Den can be paired with the premium Vuly foam mattress, designed for superior comfort. It incorporates premium memory foam technology to guarantee little ones a restful sleep.


Prioritising and assuring safety

Vuly offers industry-leading warranties for the Vuly Den. The mattress and bed frame are guaranteed for five years and the fabrics and telescopic poles are guaranteed for two years.