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My SOS Family Review – A Safety Tracking App

The murder and rape of Sarah Everard by a serving Met Police officer Wayne Couzens, who exploited coronavirus lockdown restrictions to falsely arrest her before the kidnapping, rapping, and strangling her, was shocking and preventable. Worse still, a new ‘888′ tracking service for women traveling alone, proposed and backed by UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel, has campaigners calling it “flawed” believing that liberties and privacy are being compromised with the app’s tracking system.

However, there are tried and true alternatives that don’t impede your privacy. My SOS Family is an App that works on both iOS and Android that acts as a check-in service and an emergency button all-in-one.

The App, launched in 2016, automates calls and notifies pre-designated emergency respondents if the client hits the emergency button and/or is uncontactable. Free to trial for 30 days, My SOS Family is a brilliant App that has been ranked the number 1 personal safety App by review site Review Rumble.

Alerts may be initiated by simply pressing a button or asking your smart speaker for assistance. The My SOS Family alert system will then phone and SMS your emergency contacts at the same time, alerting them to your need for assistance. Using our first-responder system, which is extremely rapid and simple to use.

With thousands of clients (and a number of stories of saving lives of their clients), My SOS Family’s emergency notification service is easy to set up and use, which has made the service popular with a range of clients including;

  1. Children of elderly parents, especially if they live alone and far away
  2. Companies and people that travel to new areas frequently or visit new and unfamiliar places and clients, either for work or leisure.
  3. Elderly persons living home alone with medical conditions
  4. Those living alone that have pets and worry what would happen if they were unable to care for them
  5. Parents of children not living at home or at school/college
  6. Victims of domestic violence or abuse

One unique feature especially coveted by users is the My SOS Family Personal Alert Emergency Alarm (aka SOS Timer). It’s the equivalent of informing someone that if you don’t hear from me, it implies I may want assistance, please keep an eye on me.

The App also allows you to transmit your location and photographs of your location, but it never tracks your movements or invades your privacy. The App then alerts your emergency contacts on My SOS Family’s side, not using your phone which could affect your safety. A quick read of the App’s reviews and testimonials shows the App is a reliable and secure service.

Simply put, there is not another service like it on the market today. My SOS Family’s App is reliable, inexpensive, and unobtrusive, which is why it has not only a 4.9-star rating on and 4.5 stars on the Google Play store but also thousands of safe and satisfied clients.

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