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Millionaire’s Mining Club Review 2021

The Millionaire’s Mining Club (MMC) is made up of owners of the rare collectible ERC-721 Nifty Miner non-fungible token (NFT).

What sets Nifty Miners apart from other NFTs is their unique approach to mining cryptocurrency. Millionaire’s Mining Club plans to sell 10,000 Nifty Miners to WhiteList Members on the peer-to-peer NFT marketplace OpenSea on 15 December 2021. The Nifty Miner is a POLY ERC-721 NFT on the Polygon blockchain.

Tokenomics – how does it work?

The Nifty Miner will immediately begin working for you after purchase, generating 1,000,000 MMC Coins in the first year.

The generated MMC Coins will be halved every year, reducing the number of coins available. Halvening, as it is known in the crypto-world, ensures that the number of coins in circulation does not increase exponentially. Halvening also tends to put upward pressure on the price of coins.

Staking Rewards will be assigned to each block and maintained through your dashboard. MMC Coins can be deposited in your wallet with a simple click. They are ERC-20 compatible tokens (one of the most significant Ethereum tokens) and can therefore be used just like any other ERC-20 Token.

Looking Ahead

This year has been a wild ride for NFTs, blockchains, and the gaming industry. Plenty of projects have sprung up, and some have enjoyed a meteoric rise.

The world of NFTs has exploded. What was once a relatively-niche technology used by a handful of crypto enthusiasts, is now understood, or at least known to exist, by even the least-tech-savvy.

In addition to mining MMC Coins, a Nifty Miner is also a governance token with voting rights for holders. This gives the community a say in how the project proceeds going forward.

In summary

The Millionaire’s Mining Club offers crypto enthusiasts a fascinating new way to mine Cryptocurrency with NFT Collectibles. These Nifty Miners are collectibles with practical uses.

MMC is off to a flying start. Their team is running contests and promotions, and offering freebies, with the MMC Founders Edition NFT one of the rewards.

“We have a bunch of FUN stuff planned and we are excited about what is to come,” said a spokesperson. You can communicate with the Millionaire’s Mining Club via Twitter and Discord.

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