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Men’s luxury brand North Country is ready for holiday shoppers, amid global supply chain crisis

North Country, a newly launched men’s premium clothing brand, has successfully skirted global supply chain issues and is poised for the holiday season. North Country’s Fall/Winter collection of authentic Portuguese flannel shirts is in-stock and ready-to-ship for the holidays from New York.

The global supply chain has been backlogged for months, as the world struggles to recover from pandemic-driven closures of manufacturing and distribution facilities, worker illnesses, container and labor shortages, and long queues for container ships at U.S. ports. Such challenges have cleared the shelves of major retailers nationwide, cutting off consumer access to cars, computers, exercise equipment, and clothing.

While it’s arguably never a good time for a shortage, this crisis comes at a particularly difficult moment for consumers and retailers alike: the start of the largest shopping season of the year. As the world emerges from lockdown, consumers are returning to stores and ready to shower their friends, families, and themselves in gifts.

That is, if they can find any in stores.

Enter North Country, a new clothing brand that “showcases specialty fabrics from around the world” and uses “exceptional tailoring to create a unique and timeless experience.” Unlike most retailers, North Country has not been slowed by the supply chain crisis. The brand’s full collection is currently in-stock.

It’s not surprising North Country is prepared for the season—President Andrew Lerner is no stranger to the clothing business. His new brand is the latest venture from Lerner’s fourth-generation family apparel business whose founder, Ben Wachter, was the first American to import flannel fabric from Portugal in the 1950s.

True to its heritage, North Country’s Fall/Winter Collection “redefines the flannel shirt, crafted from the most luxurious Portuguese fabric available and expertly tailored in Portugal.” With the launch of North Country, Lerner couples his aptitude for design with manufacturing expertise to produce an exceptional product.

The brand has received praise from Instagram fashion influencers like Christian Bendek, Jonas Maier, Blake Scott, and Kamil Nicalek, who tout the “artisan fabric which makes them very special.”

North Country has also caught the eye of high-end boutiques and ski shops in Aspen, Vail, and Deer Valley, where its luxury collection is on sale for the fashionable apres’ ski crowd. North Country shirts are available in the finest men’s stores in the Northeast and online at