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Maximise your potential with Dr. Conor Hogan, Ph.D.

It is said that humans only understand about 10% of how the brain works. From advances in neurological treatments to unlocking new kinds of psychological analysis, learning more about the mind is what drives professionals like Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D. 


As a neuroscientist and the world’s leading high-performance neuro-socio psychologist, Hogan holistically pushes the boundaries of human capacity. He draws on his professional experiences as an educator, coach, therapist and his personal life experiences, to help high-performing individuals achieve their full potential. 


Hogan has reached and assisted hundreds of clients through his online programs, which helps them perform at their maximum by rewiring their thought processes, examining their relationships and social barriers, and providing them with a tailored, fool-proof plan to follow. 


One glowing testimonial from Stephen McGrory, National Sales Manager of Law Enforcement Ammunition reads: “Your education and awareness has been so enlightening on many levels. You have changed our mindset. You are awesome and thank you again.”


Chris Rubio, president of Rubio Long Snapping, wrote: “I have worked with Dr. Conor Hogan on several occasions and over several different formats. He is extremely intelligent, yet can still break down the most complex ideas. I highly recommend Dr. Conor Hogan.”


Hogan offers his ‘Free Growth’ content to subscribers on his website at Registered users can instantly access five free courses, a free audiobook, exclusive access to a free online support group, and many more freebies. 


In 2022, Dr. Hogan will be relaunching his Mindset Program for Beginning Entrepreneurs Who Have Limiting Beliefs. Drawing on his own entrepreneurial journey and how he overcame obstacles, this online course aims to instill a superior mindset to enable entrepreneurs to thrive in their respective businesses. 


Visit Dr. Hogan’s website and social media accounts for more details.


Dr. Conor Hogan, Ph.D.

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Dr. Conor Hogan, Ph.D.
Dr. Conor Hogan, Ph.D.